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April 08, 2009



I am truly aghast. It's all I can really say. These people are bold to say the least.

Well written.

Mountain Mama

They're lucky he's even alive.

As for the rest of us......


Another fine example of Pittsburgh for the nation to see. Maybe, though, they're just as scared of the not-to-be-named one as the rest of us...although something tells me a scratch on his face will be the least of his problems and he won't see the outside ever again.


If it's a scratch on the face, then no big deal... on the other hand, since the population boom of the past few years, and the resultant demand for new cops, and the consequent drop in standards, where I am we've been dealing with more and more cases of police brutality and human rights abuses.

There's chatter in the usual channels about suspects having dogs put on them, the classic "make sure you duck when getting into the car" black eyes, police coming back to the car after radioing in the catch just to punch the suspect a few times...

Hopefully this isn't anything like that. It's really sad when bad people get to walk because of incompetent cops.

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